Welcome to Spoonful of Flair

If you’re here, you’re looking for everyday outfit inspiration that incorporates high/low fashion to create the perfect OOTD (outfit of the day)! I have always been obsessed with fashion and it wasn’t until friends, family and people in my community constantly asked me for outfit recommendations that I even thought to put my fashion on social media. So now…here we are! 

Even more than fashion though, I love being a Mom! I am a Mom of 3 (which sometimes STILL blows my mind)! My husband, Kevin, and I have two daughters, Harper (oldest) and Ivy (youngest). My little prince, Leo, is the protector of both girls, even though he is my middle baby. In addition to sharing my style, as well as beauty and lifestyle tips, I am a Speech-Language Pathologist for kids.

10 fun facts about me:

  1. I am the oldest child of 4, in my family.
  2. My favorite candy is sour patch kids…or licorice…no, sour patch kids.
  3. I love pink, though I am usually caught wearing neutrals.
  4. Aspen is my favorite city to visit.
  5. I have a dog named Kennedy (because my married monogram is JFK)
  6. I cannot live without mascara!
  7. Fall is my favorite season (duh!)
  8. If I could own any animal, other than a dog, it would be a pig.
  9. Earrings are my favorite accessory.
  10. 80’s music is my favorite … (well, and 90’s boy band music!)

I am so happy to share my looks and lifestyle with you!
I hope you enjoy!