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So, I don’t know about you, but I am someone who always runs cold…as it relates to temperature. Even in the summer months, I always carry a jacket or wear a layer, of some sort. My favorite layer in the summer has always been a denim jacket; I think it is the BEST way to layer no matter what I am wearing. Denim jackets go well with dresses, skirts, joggers, jeans or even my to-and-fro workout attire.

Though denim jackets typically refer to ‘blue’ denim, don’t forget that there are so many different styles; white, black, gray, combination materials (denim + sweatshirt), and even prints. As far as fit, I like having a few different options; cropped, fitted and oversized.

Want to wear denim-on-denim? No problem! With so many current denim trends to envy, I am not opposed to wearing two denim washes together, you just have to know how to balance the shades. For example, if you’re wearing darker (blue) jeans, create contrast with a lighter (blue) denim jacket, or vice versa.

Check out some of my favorite styles and shop them by clicking on the links. Leave me a message and let me know how you choose to wear your denim.

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