A good pair of denim is a closet MUST for me! I literally live in my denim! I am one of those people that is more comfortable in a good pair of jeans than in leggings or sweats. Anyone else?!

What classifies a good pair of denim, in my book? Fit, wash, style. My preference for ‘fit’ has definitely changed since having kids. I am definitely one that loves a good fitting mid-to-high rise pair of denim. To me, I feel the most comfortable in a pair of jeans that comes up higher on my waist. It takes away the ‘worry’ of having my lacy hanky panky underwear show (gasp) while sitting on the ground at a kids birthday party or play group. Not cute! Not to mention, when my jeans come up higher I feel like I am just more comfortable sitting down, in general; I feel like everything is just held in, ya know?!

In addition to fit, the style of denim is a huge draw for me. I love a good distressed pair of jeans, but I also like having a ‘clean’ pair of denim, free of embellishments and/or distressing for a more sophisticated look. I like wearing my distressed denim on the weekends or during casual outings; but there are times where I need a traditional pair of jeans, too. It’s so important to have that ‘plain’ pair hanging in your closet for casual work days, meetings or events where the dress code is ‘casual’ but not ‘rugged’.

I know the current trend is moving from skinny jeans, to a more straight leg look (which I love!). But part of shopping for jeans is knowing what looks good on your body. I will never tire from skinny jeans, but I am not afraid to try a trendy style, so long as I am comfortable in it.

What is a helpful styling and buying tip, when it comes to denim? Make sure you have at least 3 outfits you can style with a new pair of jeans before you make the commitment to keep em. Gone are the days of disposable outfits and one-time wears; if I can’t make an outfit in 5 minutes with a pair of denim (casual or not) then the look is not for me.

Finally, wash is something that I consider when purchasing and styling my denim. I truly don’t believe that denim has a ‘season’. I feel like, especially today, when it comes to denim, anything goes. That being said, I know what I like. I love a good vintage wash (think 90’s Levi’s). I also like having dark, white, gray and black denim in rotation as well.

As far as pricing goes, I am not one who feels compelled to buy the most expensive pair of jeans on the market. I actually feel like some of the denim out there is so crazy expensive that it doesn’t make sense. While I do own some pricier pairs (Mother, Frame) I also love affordable brands like: blanknyc, topshop, zara, free people and levi.

Shop some of my favorite brands and styles and let me know what styles you gravitate towards most!


1. ZARA slim fit 2. BLANKNYC 3. ZARA high rise
1. PISTOLA 2. LEVI wedgie jean 3. PISTOLA white


1. MOTHER 2. FRAME 3. MOTHER high rise