Denim: what styles to wear with which boots

So, as far as styling goes, I often get questions about denim; specifically, what style denim to wear with particular boots.

A lot needs to be considered with choosing denim, as I am sure (if you’re reading this) you’re well aware. Finding a good pair of denim for your body type can be difficult and frustrating.

For me, since having kids, high waisted denim has been my best friend! I don’t have the longest torso (or legs, for that matter) but I feel the most comfortable in a high waisted cut. I have definitely collected denim over the years, but I like to have a mix of distressed and classic denim styles. Additionally, I have been loving straight-leg denim cuts as well as my go-to traditional skinny denim styles.

When you go to pair boots with denim, a few things have to be considered. The cut of the jean (straight leg, skinny) and the style of the boot (fitted, wide-ankle, high).

Let’s start with skinny denim. When you wear skinny denim styles, you want to wear a boot with a wider opening at the ankle. This style (ankle) boot allows for your denim to fit comfortably down, inside your boot without feeling like you have to ‘jam’ it in.

You know what I am talking about…fitted boots with skinny jeans leave you with two options…wearing the boots over your jeans, which [may] create bulging or puckering in the body of the boot (which just looks and feels strange) or wearing jeans over the skinny boots which create bulging in your jeans. Wider boots fit seamlessly over your [skinny] jeans which not only looks clean, but feels better.

Another solution, and pretty much a ‘must’, for me, is hemming your denim. When skinny [denim] styles hit just above your ankle, it makes it easier to pair your jeans with fitted boots. No more messing with a ‘tucked-in’ look, because the hem of your jeans will hit at a perfect length given the style/height of your [ankle] bootie. Pro tip: take your shoes with you to the tailor so that you can have your jeans tailored to your exact specifications.

While fitted ankle boots may not [always] be the right choice to wear with skinny denim styles, taller boots and skinny jeans are just right. Whether they are over-the-knee (OTK), just to the knee or mid-calf boots, a pair of skinny denim creates a perfect canvas for these boot to shine. If the boots aren’t fitted to the leg, your denim can be a little forgiving in places where it may not be seen (i.e. your jeans don’t have to be completely tapered in the ankle). However, if your tall boot is fitted, your denim should fit snug against your leg to avoid any bulging or discomfort. (As a denim alternative, a great pair of leggings is a perfect choice when wearing fitted, high-style boots).

On to straight-leg styles. Whether these styles are cropped or full length, a fitted boot looks best with this style of denim. Straight [denim] cuts are less binding at the ankle which allows for fitted boots to fit comfortably under the hem. If the straight denim style is more cropped, you’ll want to make sure your boot comes higher up on your calf (and doesn’t just stop at, or just above your ankle. Being able to see the denim and the boot without exposed skin will create a longer, more continuous line.

No matter what style, wash or fit best compliments your body, hopefully this denim and boot guide will offer some help regarding your questions in terms of styling of your denim wardrobe this fall.

Check out some of my favorite denim and boot styles below and feel free to comment or message me for any styling questions.

Skinny denim:

1. classic skinny denim 2. classic black skinny denim 3. ankle denim

boots for skinny jeans:

1. buckle bootie 2. slouch bootie 3. knee high boot (available in other colors)
4. western boot 5.studded combat boot 6. classic black bootie (available in other colors)

Straight-leg denim:

1. classic straight leg 2. gray straight leg 3. distressed straight leg 4. black straight leg

Fitted boots:

1. cap toe boot 2. lace up bootie 3. khaki boot 4. leopard bootie
5. black bootie 6. white bootie (also comes in black) 7. red bootie (available in other colors)

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