floral dresses

Let me start by saying…although I am DEFINITELY a ‘girly-girl’ I am typically NOT a floral person. I am not exactly sure why, to be honest. But sometimes I feel like (some) floral prints are too literal and overwhelming.

So…needless to say, this dress (pictured above) is not something I would ordinarily be drawn to. But, when I passed it hanging in the store, I did one of those quick head snaps (that should have been accompanied by some kind of cartoon sound affect…you know the one, ‘boy-yoy-yoing!’)

Maybe it was the color scheme, or the feminine details. It was one of those dresses I picked up expecting to see a hefty price tag. SURPRISE! An eye-catching dress for UNDER $100!

I grabbed it to try on thinking it would be a flop. Wrong again! Once I had it on, I knew it was one of those dresses that I would be able to style with sneakers or heels. (Score!) I also think it would look cute with a leather jacket and boots to transition into the fall season.

I love when I can find functional pieces at great prices! Don’t you?!

Inspired by the print and the price tag, I have rounded up some of my favorite floral dresses to shop, below! Almost all of the dresses are under $100 and ALL of them are under $200.

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