Gifts for kids

When it comes to the kids, my family members are constantly asking, “what can I get for the kids?” and I never seem to know how to answer?

I mean, if you ask young kids what they want, they’ll likely name any popular toy they’ve ever seen advertised! All the toys with their small, unnecessary parts and manuals for assembly.

With all of that in mind, I have rounded up some fan faves for kids ages 2-6, respectfully, that are not only in a range of prices but that also don’t require 12 hours of assembly or come complete with choking hazards.

1. DIY necklace kit 2. pretty tea set 3. vanity set 4. travel make up set
1. cozy robe 2. wooden bowling set 3. shark slippers
1. fairy dress up costume 2. cozy rainbow robe
1. scooter 2. fire power hose with backpack 3. touch & feel dinosaur puzzle
4. s’more + campfire play set 5. indoor monkey bars
1. jeweled headphones 2. unicorn earmuffs 3. unicorn slippers