Golden Goose DUPES

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers have become a super popular sneaker brand that is highly accessible both in stores and online. It is not difficult to understand their growing popularity. The styles range from simple and modest, to bold and colorful. However, despite the stylish look of these comfortable staples, it is difficult to ignore the hefty price tag. Even when select retailers and websites run deals and sales, the prices on these sneakers can still seem steep.

I have found some sensational dupes that look so similar to the real sneakers, it is pretty unbelievable. All of the dupes are under $200 and some under $30! Since I DO NOT own any of the dupes, I cannot comment on the quality of the product or the comfort of the design, however, I am considering purchasing to find out!

Row 1 (L to R): 1.animal print + red laces 2. leopard high top 3. zebra
ROW 2 (L to R): 4. pink tones 5. classic 6.leopard low top
ROW 3 (L to R): & white 8. camo 9. sparkle

Happy shopping (and saving) everyone!