Grande Lash(es)

So here is the deal…

Prior to having my kids and even in between pregnancies, it was NO secret that I used Latisse for lash enhancement. I discussed it on my Instagram stories and, to be honest, I really have nothing bad to say about using Latisse.

Recently (about 8 weeks ago) I ran out of my Latisse formula and had been dying to try Grande Lash. It was the perfect time. I had nothing to lose.

I have been using Grande Lash religiously for a little more than 2 months now… and, my thoughts?


During pregnancy, I felt like my lashes became sparse and, at times, it felt like I had areas on my lash line that were patchy (as if I was missing a chunk of lashes. I researched it and it is apparently pretty common during pregnancy, for some women, just sayin’) However, currently, my lashes are long, full and filled in!

Using the two products is similar. With Latisse you have a disposable applicator for which to apply the formula to your lash line at night. Squeeze the formula onto the applicator and apply. (tip: use one applicator for both eyes. Not only does it save applicators for future use, but the brush becomes more saturated with the formula). The only (potential) problem is mainly for light eye consumers (such as myself); there is a disclaimer that warns the formula COULD change the color of your eye. Thus, you must be EXTREMELY careful when applying Latisse. During the 8 weeks of consistent application, I did notice that my eye lid, though pain free, was red. This was temporary. After 8 weeks, as indicated by the product, lashes are SUPER long and full!

With Grande Lash, the applicator is not disposable. It is a wand (much like a liquid eye liner). The tip is super fine which makes applying easy and precise. I have noticed the same wonderful results in my lashes, without any eye lid discoloration (temporary) or worry regarding eye color.

Now, the real question is…do I notice a difference between Latisse versus Grande Lash…Check out my pro/con lists below for each product.



  1. Noticed length/volume to lashes in less than 4 weeks
  2. Easy + precise application
  3. No redness or irritation to eye lid
  4. Less expensive than Latisse


  1. Bottle doesn’t seem to last as long [as Latisse]



  1. Lash length/volume in 6-8 weeks
  2. Bottle life lasts!
  3. Easy application


  1. Potential eye lid redness (no pain)
  2. Use of disposable applicator (one extra step)
  3. Caution regarding light eye color
  4. Price

To be fair…I don’t have a problem with either product, but having used both, I felt it necessary to give an honest review regarding each. I have noticed positive results with both, Grande Lash and Latisse.

Let me know what you think!

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