Jergens Natural Glow

So, here is the deal… as a Mom, I really don’t have time to sit in the sun long enough to work on the perfect summer tan. But, also, as a Mom I don’t want to spend my time sitting in the sun…for the sake of preserving my skin.

I have talked about spray tans, and where I like to go (locally) to get the BEST and most natural looking tans. The only problem is, who really has time to get a spray tan once a week?!

The solution? Jergens Natural Glow Daily Lotion. Though it may not be the same as a beach tan or a fresh spray tan (on day 2), it surely does the trick! Using Jergens Natural Glow allows me to gain gradual color with daily use. I started using Jergens Natural Glow because my legs were so, painfully white going into spring. I hate wearing dresses or skirts (or even cropped pants) when my legs look pasty. The Jergens Natural Glow has really helped develop natural looking color all over my body (where applied), but especially on my legs.

I use the shade Fair to Medium. I will say, near my ankles/feet is where I have noticed a less natural hue; not exactly ‘orange’ but not a natural tan color either. However, the shift in color is less noticeable once my shoes are on (plus, someone would have to be staring at your ankles to notice).

How do I use my Jergens? After showering, I apply the lotion evenly to dry skin. I make sure to apply even amounts to my legs, arms, stomach and chest. Squeezing a consistent amount of the product to use on each area allows for even color/development. I try to avoid using too much product in/on areas like elbows and ankles; the lotion tends to develop differently and unevenly in those areas. I wash my hands immediately after use. If you don’t, you will notice an orange tint, especially between your fingers (that’s right, I have forgotten to wash immediately, once or twice…).

I recommend using Jergens Natural Glow Daily Lotion to extend the life of an existing tan or to create gradual color when you can’t get to the pool or a beach this summer.

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