Myro Deodorant

Okay. So here is the deal…

I try, when I can, to buy clean, organic products for cooking and snacking for my family. Recently, I have made attempts to purchase the same clean products for health/beauty.

I know I may be late to the (clean) game, but part of me has lived by the, “if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it” line of thinking. Maybe that was ignorant of me…but, I’m being honest.

I have moved to using clean products for my face and body, in terms of cleansers, serums and lotions, but never really considered my deodorant (I know…silly me).

In creating a switch, I purchased a natural deodorant from brand, Myro. I will admit I was skeptical. Obviously I want to [try to] eliminate any unnecessary chemicals and ingredients from my daily routines that could be potentially harmful, long term, but I couldn’t help but wonder if a plant-based, natural deodorant could really do the trick of keeping me fresh, dry and smelling good!

Well. I was wrong!

This deodorant has definitely kept me feeling clean, dry, smelling good throughout the day…and now, safe from harmful ingredients like aluminum and parabens.

So…what is Myro, you may ask? Myro is a plant-based deodorant that is vegan. It is gluten, soy and mineral free. It uses aloe for a comfortable glide; citrus, probiotics and sage to keep consumers smelling great; and natural cornstarch to keep you dry. It comes in 6 scents (I chose pillow talk. It smells good, but I may try a different scent when I run out). Regardless of your scent preference, I really do like this product.

What’s more is this deodorant is actually good for the environment. The [outer] Myro case is reusable (and comes in several colors). You get deodorant refill pods in the scent of your choice and you can recycle the finished pods. In this way, Myro deodorant uses 50% less plastic with every pod.

If you’re not happy with Myro deodorant, the product is a 100% returnable…no questions asked.

So…really, what do you have to lose?!

If you are in the market for a natural deodorant (at a great price) I suggest trying Myro deodorant. Check them out here, or at Target, where the product is now sold.

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