New York Trip

Kevin and I don’t get away often, but we definitely try to make time for ‘us’ when we can.

The time we set aside to spend together could be a simple night out or staying in on the weekends to order pizza and watch a movie when the kids are asleep.

I am not going to lie though, quick weekend trips are something we are grateful for. These trips allow us to reset by drinking hot coffee, catching up on rest and carrying out our days without a set agenda.

While some may say New York isn’t necessarily an ideal place for a relaxing vacation…we would argue the opposite. While the hustle bustle of city life never ends, we found time to slow down and enjoy leisurely meals, walk through Central Park, see a Broadway show, relax during a manicure and pedicure (Shh! Don’t tell Kevin I told you that!), shop and stroll without real purpose.

Let me just say, with young kids, a solo drive in the car can seem like a vacation…so three days away to do ‘nothing’ was incredible! Yet, despite our enjoyable, and much needed time away, we inevitably spent our down time discussing our kids, scrolling through pictures on our phones and watching videos and laughing. By the end of our trip, were excited to come home and squeeze each of our babies!

Now…onto our itinerary (and packing list)

While the city is full of 100,000 restaurants I am sharing the places we went (all of which we enjoyed!)


Restoration Hardware restaurant (truly an experience):

If you have never been, this is a MUST. Just the setting is worth seeing! It is true perfection; the restaurant is full of cozy, upholstered booths accompanied with marble table tops under crystal chandeliers surrounded by beautiful greenery and panoramic windows. But even more perfect than the ambiance is the menu! Holy Amazing-ness! Lobster Rolls, Grilled Cheese, Classic Burger, Warm Chocolate chip cookies…I mean, talk about heaven! Kevin and I split the grilled cheese and burger (and fries) and it was incredible!


It may not be the trendiest place to dine, but it is a home run meal every time!

Fred’s at Barneys New York:

Eat, then shop! It’s pretty much the perfect combination! What could make this experience better? Sitting next to Katie Couric and striking up conversation…yep! That DID happen!



Such a cool, authentic greek restaurant. We went to dinner at Kyma (late) after seeing Dear, Evan Hansen. I was obsessed with the spicy feta and hummus appetizer as well as the authentic greek salad (sans lettuce) and Bronzino.

Polo Bar:

Exclusive and traditional. This was probably our favorite meal of the weekend! From their appetizers…to their burger (OMG!) and fries, you really cannot go wrong with anything on the menu!

Quality Eats:

The restaurant had a cool, contemporary vibe with a fresh menu. The combinations of food were palate pleasing and satisfying.

*While we really didn’t snack much on the trip…for no other reason than we just were enjoying our non-structured time away, we did stop into Baked by Melissa (literally, so delicious!) and the Starbucks Roastery in the meatpacking district. Not only was there a Tyra Banks spotting there (can you tell I am star struck?!) but this place was insane! It was legitimately like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for coffee (and specialty drinks, cocktails, mocktails, eats…) Definitely worth checking out!


So, I always try not to overpack, as I am sure we all do (try being the operative word). But this time, I really didn’t! I wore the same pair of jeans and boots during the day for 3 days (giving myself a pat on the back, for this one!). But, because denim can stretch, I made sure to bring a few belts with me. I just hate bringing 3-4 pairs of jeans for 3 days, ya know?!

Styling and packing my night outfits is always the hardest for me because I just cannot make up my mind! Ha. However, I feel like packing for New York travels in the fall is amazing because you don’t have to worry about bundling up too much…and can leave the really bulky stuff at home.

Below you will see the items I packed and wore during my trip. While I did pack in a regular size bag (which I checked) I could have packed my clothes in a carry-on. I just hate condensing my toiletries when I travel.

Day time:

sweater || denim || boots
Jacket (similar)|| sweater|| denim|| belt|| boots
Jacket (similar) || sweater (sold out) (similar) || denim || belt (similar)|| boots


blouse || denim|| boots
sweater|| bralette || leggings (similar)|| boots

Not pictured: blazer || cami || denim || boots

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