Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks: styled

So, if you follow my Instagram stories, you know that while I loaded some of my fave picks based on poll responses, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with the sale, overall, this year.

It is so simple to get ‘sucked in’ to the buying game {just buying to buy because something is on sale}. I only found 3 items for myself; two pairs of shoes (one pair which I may return…) and an incredibly functional top (which I can start wearing, now!).

Don’t get me wrong, it was difficult not to rationalize a ‘super cute’ sweater, or great fitting tank…but it just came down to the fact that I simply didn’t need it. But, just to make sure I really ‘didn’t need’ anything supplementary…I cleaned out my closet…a daunting task, but one I was so glad I finished.

And the final verdict?! Nope. Still didn’t need anything.

Okay. But, back to the #NSALE items I got…I like to be able to think of at least three different ways I can style an item before I purchase it. It not only helps me visualize my outfit before I wear it, but it is a game changer when it comes to buying. Knowing when to wear an outfit or how to style a specific piece truly reduces buyers remorse…in my opinion.

Check out some of the ways I instantly styled some basic, inexpensive pieces to wear now, before the fall season begins!

ITEM #1: BP slide sandal

So when I saw these slides (which come in three colors: black, nude, yellow) I knew I needed them! I didn’t have a basic, yet casual neutral sandal that was not only the PERFECT nude color, but that could take me from day to night, effortlessly (and comfortably).

I immediately thought of styling an all-black outfit with them; I feel like nude shoes create a longer appearance. This would be a perfect outfit for work or a weeknight/casual weekend dinner!

But then I thought about styling these shoes casually with just a graphic tee.

Nailed it!

There is something about a graphic tee that makes your outfits feel instantly ‘cool’. I would wear this outfit any day of the week, or for a weekend outing.

For a more sophisticated, yet effortless look, I imagined these sandals with a classic white blouse and high-waisted denim. This outfit is more feminine and easy to achieve with basic items you probably already have in your closet. This makes for a staple outfit that you could wear from day-to-night any day of the week!

ITEM #2: Something Navy mock neck top

Whenever I go shopping, I have to be comfortable…am I right? Anyway, if you are an avid follower of mine, you know how much I value a great pair of joggers. I was wearing these joggers when I visited the #NSALE and when I put on this Something Navy mock neck top, I unintentionally created a great leisure outfit, that was both acceptable to wear around the house, but also to a kids’ birthday party, weekend brunch or while running errands.

With it being summer, I love when the items I purchase can be styled to wear immediately! I find that if I buy something to wear later, I inevitably end up forgetting about my purchase. Anyone else feel that way?

This shirt is perfect to pair with your favorite denim shorts and sneakers for a weekend outing with the kids or while hanging out with friends.

Who says you can’t wear basics with heels? I love how simple this look is for an easy dinner. These sandals and the belt easily elevate my basics.

I know it sounds silly…and maybe you Moms out there will get it…but this is such an easy ‘birthday party’ outfit. I always feel like when the kids have a birthday party, I struggle with finding a comfortable outfit that doesn’t look like my pajamas…isn’t a workout outfit…but also isn’t too binding. This combines all of my favorite elements of comfort and style while also remaining functional for any playing, jumping, bowling, running, coloring, feeding or crying that may take place [from the kids].

As a functional Mom, I pride myself on not only comfort, but style. I feel like these two pieces from the Nordstrom sale were a great addition to my closet (and together, both items are under $100). It just goes to show you, you don’t have to break the bank to look cute, feel good and style countless outfits for any occasion.

Let me know what you get from the Nordstrom sale!

Happy shopping!