nude booties

Booties are probably my favorite form of footwear, especially in the fall. While I am definitely here for the OTK boot and the slouch boot, in my opinion, the bootie offers more versatility when styling outfits.

While 9/10 women will likely say they own a favorite pair of black booties, how many would also say they own a pair of nude booties, as well? Not brown or taupe…nude?

To be honest, I didn’t own a pair of nude booties until last season. I felt like I lived in my black and brown booties throughout the season that I didn’t feel like I really needed a nude pair.


I am not going to tell you that you NEED anything in any of my posts, however, I am someone who likes to get dressed in under 10 minutes (when possible). So, when I feel like I have found an item that instantly and easily elevates my look, I just like to share (Kapeesh?!)

Nude booties have proven to be a closet staple that seamlessly perfect my outfits creating chic, clean lines. I love a nude bootie because the color isn’t as harsh as black; it just kind of blends better.

When I wanted to style this Valencia & Vine turtleneck top, I wanted it to be the eye of my outfit, the focus, if you will. Thus I wanted everything else I wore to be less noticeable to make the shirt really pop. I paired this top with nude pumps for a fun night out look, but the nude booties take the outfit down a notch and create a more appropriate daytime look while incorporating color.

I am linking some great nude booties at great prices (all under $200). If you try a pair, you must let me know what you think. Not saying the look will be accepted by everyone, but chances are, if you like simplicity, these booties will be for you! Don’t forget, you can instantly shop my outfit details by downloading the liketoknowit app or going to Like to Know it.

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