Sparkling past the New Year

A huge dress trend for the season happens to be the mini dress with long sleeves (and strong shoulders). I am loving this look and appreciate how these dresses can be made more conservative (with tights) or contemporary (with accessories).

Truth: As a Mom of 3, if I have somewhere ‘fancy‘ to be, it’s typically a wedding or celebratory party. If I am going out to dinner with my husband on a Saturday night, or on a night out with the girls…let’s be honest a bold dress may not be my first choice, especially in the winter. The thought, sometimes, of putting on thin tights and a binding dress sound less than thrilling. I know you’re with me 🙂

However, Kevin and I recently had a Bat Mitzvah to celebrate and I wore this dress with tights and booties, and I gotta tell ya, I was more comfortable in this dress + tights, than I am, at times, when I get dressed in jeans and a sweater or cute top. It got me thinking, why don’t I dress up more for weekend outings?

I know we’re all guilty of it. Buying those outfits for specific occasions that, inevitably, get worn one time (2 if we’re lucky) and then we’re stuck reaching for the same 5 tops and 3 pairs of jeans asking ourselves, why do I have clothes that I just don’t wear? (While also complaining that we have nothing to wear…a vicious circle…)

While I am all about functionality in dressing, I am also all about maximizing your wardrobe to include pieces for multiple occasions. These dresses are great on their own, styled with a belt, or even layered with boyfriend blazers.

Most New Years resolutions we make involve losing weight, saving money or being healthier in some way, I am setting a goal related to my wardrobe. While I am a girl who lives in basics mixed with easy-to-achieve trends, I am going to make a conscious effort in 2020 to dress up a little more, because, as my 5-year-old daughter [Harper] would say, “Mommy, dresses are fun!”

Check out some of these trendy, functional and cute long sleeve mini dress options below!

Here’s to a New Year, full of love, health, happiness…and fun!

Row 1: 1. foil mini dress 2. flirty skirt dress 3. turtleneck dress
Row 2: 1. sequin wrap dress 2. puff sleeve dress 3. printed mini dress
1. Jacquard mini dress 2. Mocha mini dress 3. leopard fitted mini dress