Statement Earrings: All under $100

Accessorizing is something I live for when it comes to fashion. Since I prefer to dress in the category of: elevated basics, in particular when considering my everyday outfits, I rely on my accessories to spice up my, otherwise, plain outfit combinations.

I have always said it, but it’s the truth! The right accessories can take your outfit from a 5 to a 10…I mean it! When I am getting dressed, I like to let my accessories do the talking. Whether it is a bold pair of shoes, a killer arm party, a unique belt, layered necklaces or a pair of coveted earrings, when styled right, you’ll be getting stopped left and right to be asked about the ‘eye’ of your outfit.

While I am addicted to ALL of the accessories, statement earrings are definitely having a moment! I have rounded up some of my favorite pairs ALL under $100 (some are even under $20)!

Style them with a plain white tee, a blazer, a cute graphic tee or hoodie, or wear them for a black tie event! I literally want every single pair of these earrings, and for the prices…that MAY just be possible!

Rhinestone dangle:

Embellished dangly earrings can most definitely be worn for evening, or special occasions, but they can also be worn casually. I would love any of these earrings with a basic tank or tee, or even with a hoodie or cozy sweater. They make the most basic outfit ready for night time in an instant!

1. Arch dangled earrings 2. Layered dangle earrings 3. Heart dangle earrings

Big Shapes:

When it comes to statement earring trends, oversized shapes are having (more than) a moment…and I am definitely here for it! Although they may be slightly reminiscent of the 80’s, these large hearts, circles and even stars or diamonds can add personality and femininity to any outfit.

1. rhinestone hearts 2. pearl hearts 3. rhinestone circle earrings

Jewel tones/bold colors:

When you think of statement earrings, you think large (in size) and bold (in color). These choices DO NOT disappoint. I love any of these for day or evening style!

1. jewel tone hearts 2. bold oval earrings 3. rainbow dangle earrings

Pearls and Hoops:

Feminine details are always in style. I love the pearl details that are showing up everywhere! They are bold enough to wear now, but they are perfect going into the spring or summer…or any exotic destination you may have planned.

If you follow me, you already know I am a hoop girl. Thus, any well-made hoop-style earring is right up my alley. Classic, bold and on trend!

pearl hoop
pearl drop hoop
gold hoop