Sudio earbuds

So I have never really been a ‘tech-y’ person or considered myself high maintenance when it comes to technology. I don’t need the NEWEST phone or computer…I’m not really good with change.

I have NEVER had a problem with my regular, plugin earphones that I use daily to either take phone calls or listen to music or podcasts throughout the week. That being said, I never knew how life-changing a pair of wireless earphones could be! I mean listen to your music, talk on the phone or finish a podcast without being physically bound to your device? What?!

Sudio, a Swedish audio company that makes quality technology accessories, like wireless earbuds, contacted me about a campaign revolving around their newest product the TOLV earbuds. The TOLV earbuds instantly pair with your device and come in an ultra-light charging case. The battery life is amazing, and with freedom from wires, these earbuds allow you to take your music and daily routines where ever your wish. The sound quality is crystal clear and I haven’t taken these earbuds out of my ears since I opened the package.

The TOLV earbuds come in 5 different colors including: white, green, black, pastel blue and pink. The buds fit comfortably in your ear, look so sleek and cost $129! As part of this campaign, Sudio is generously offering my followers a 15% savings with the code: spoons15.

Today, who wants to be bound by wires and distractions?! If you’re in the market for a (new) pair of wireless earbuds, I highly recommend the TOLV wireless earbuds from Sudio. You guys know that I only like to promote products that I truly love and use and the Sudio earbuds are no exception.

Check out their website and see all the products they have to offer!

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