Sustainable Denim

Okay. So, I’ve got to admit. I never really paid attention to the idea of sustainable fashion, until very recently. I had this preconceived (and perhaps naive) notion that ‘sustainable’ fashion referred only to pieces that were used with eco-friendly or recycled fabrics.

While that is definitely true…the concept of sustainable fashion actually encompasses so much more. While we, as fashion consumers, should be conscious of buying garments that are environmentally friendly or shop from brands who use recycled or eco-friendly materials in their production, it may be impossible to solely buy clothing made from safe materials or only purchase from eco-friendly brands.

That being said, part of what resonates with me when it comes to sustainable fashion, is quality over quantity. Not saying that every item MUST be an investment piece (because who has a wallet that can sustain that?!) but pieces you choose for your wardrobe should consist of those pieces that you’ll wear over and over and style 100 different ways, instead of endlessly shopping for one-time-wears.

If you follow me, you know that I categorizes my fashion style as ‘functional’. Not only is it functional for my lifestyle, but dressing in elevated basics allows me to wear and re-wear pieces in various ways. Don’t get me wrong, I , like most of you, definitely have pieces in my closet that I haven’t worn a ton or that are meant for something ‘special’. But the majority of my daily looks are created with pieces that I can style both casually or not.

Fashion is so accessible these days with endless online shopping sites and being able to shop directly through social media. It’s difficult not to feel pressured into buying heavily advertised items that are super affordable and on trend. And by the way, I am totally guilty of this and, in no way saying you shouldn’t buy what you want, but I only suggest to consider buying what you need. Another layer of sustainable fashion includes going through your wardrobe to discard items you don’t need, don’t wear or that don’t fit. Donating clothes and purchasing vintage clothes contributes to sustainable fashion (and living).

While we’re gearing up for spring and refreshing our closets, we’re inevitably going to buy (let’s be honest!) But, in this new season, let’s work together to make a goal at purging what we don’t need, buying (mostly) what we do need and keeping in mind that some of your favorite clothing items may be manufactured by sustainable brands!

Here are some of my favorite denim pieces (all under $200) that are made by sustainable fashion brands.

Row 1: 1. ankle-length skinny jean 2. distressed skinny jean 3. light wash skinny jean

Row 2: 1. denim skirt 2. distressed skinny 3. high-waisted black skinny jeans

Row 3: 1. High-rise straight leg 2. belted high-rise skinny 3. exposed button skinny jeans

Row 4: 1. Relaxed Jeans 2. Authentic stretch high-rise skinny

Sustainable Denim brands to know/shop:

  1. Levi’s
  2. Reformation
  3. Boyish
  4. Everlane
  5. DL1961