The deal about conceal(er)

So I always get asked about what concealers I use and which are my favorites. As always, I like to preface that I am NOT a beauty blogger…but I know what I like and what works for me.

Prior to becoming a Mom, I never really put much thought into concealer, unless it was to cover a blemish, really. But oh how times have changed! Late nights and early mornings require some serious coverage if I am going out and need to look less like a zombie and more like a human (know what I mean?!)

The brands that I acknowledge are ones that I not only LOVE but that I have used consistently and the ones that have shown results. Not that I wouldn’t be willing to try other concealer brands, but sometimes I have the mentality, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ The concealer brands that I consider my holy grail products include:

  1. NARS creamy concealer ( I use two shades: creme brulee and custard. I usually stick to creme brulee when I don’t have a tan, and custard when I have a little more color in my face). What I love about NARS is that the color is spot on (for me) and it’s not too heavy or cakey. Plus, the product isn’t too pricey either!
  2. Beauty Counter touch up concealer pen: I LOVE this product. While I have been using NARS the longest out of all the listed concealer products, I fell in love with this concealer a while ago. I use the shade: fair, and it truly makes my eyes ‘pop’. It gives me that ‘I just slept for 24 hours straight’ look…when I probably only slept for 5 hours. The pen itself doesn’t dispense too much product at once, so it doesn’t feel wasteful. The tip of the pen is precise enough to get into both the corner of your under eye area as well as cover even the smallest blemish. In addition to the coverage and the quality, I love that Beauty Counter products are clean and cruelty free.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away: This product is the newest to me, but I am in love with it as well. I am shade 4 in the ‘fair’ category, which is aimed at warm beige coloring for light skin. It has a sponge tip applicator which makes application of the product effortless and it blends out easily and is not heavy at all.
  4. Cle de Peau: I got this product immediately after I had Ivy (baby #3) because I had heard rave reviews. My opinion: the product is great. I love the coverage. The color (beige) is the exact color I need for my skin tone. However, while I love the quality of the product, for the price, I feel like my other (less expensive) concealers achieve the same results.

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite concealer brands are!