This seasons top trend: Combat Boots

If you have been following a long on Instagram and Instagram stories you not only know how much I love these combat boots from Zara, but how often I get asked about these combat boots from Zara.

They were the only daytime shoe I took to New York, last weekend, and they not only went with every outfit, but they were so comfortable to walk around in! Combat boots have always been around the fashion scene, but they’re pretty much the #1 shoe trend for this fall season. Wear them with jeans, leggings, dresses or skirts.

I have rounded up 12 amazing combat boot styles ALL under $200!!! Shop your favorites by clicking the links below.

row 1: Simmi chunky lace up boot; Rivet square toe boot; Chunky black ankle boot; Lace up hiker boot

row 2: patent leather combat boot; combat boot with embellishments; combat boot with chain; platform hiking combat boot

row 3: patent leather platform boot; chain combat boot; patent leather buckle boot; chain lace combat boot

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